Eivind Eriksen

Professor in Mathematics at BI Norwegian Business School. Author of several textbooks in mathematics, and coauthor of the research monograph Noncommutative Deformation Theory. Investor in common stocks, mostly on Oslo Børs and NYSE/Nasdaq.

04/2020: A new elective ELE 3781 Mathematics elective (for BSc Business Analytics) will be offered from August 2020.
04/2020: Lecture plans for FORK 1003 Preparatory course in Mathematics and GRA 6035 Mathematics (for MSc Business/Finance/Applied Economics) for August 2020 are now available.
02/2020: I received BI Best Teacher Award 2020
01/2020: The paper Iterated Extensions and Uniserial Length Categories has been accepted for publication in Algebr. Represent. Theory
11/2019: The paper The algebra of observables in noncommutative algebraic geometry (joint work with A. Siqveland) is accepted for publication in J. Algebra.
10/2019: At the conference Deformation theory, Hopf algebras and mathematical physics (University of Bergen, Oct 11-12 2019), I will give a talk on Noncommutative deformations and iterated extensions.


My main research interests are noncommutative deformation theory and noncommutative algebraic geometry, differential structures in algebraic geometry (rings of differential operators, connection on modules, D-modules), and representation theory. For details on my research, see research and publications.

Selected Published books and papers:
Iterated Extensions and Uniserial Length Categories, Algebras and Representation Theory (2020)
The algebra of observables in noncommutativ deformation theory (with A. Siqveland), J. Algebra 547 (2020), 162-172
Noncommutative Deformation Theory (with O.A. Laudal and A. Siqveland), Monographs and Research Notes in Mathematics, Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2017 - Book review
Computing noncommutative deformations of presheaves and sheaves of modules, Canad. J. Math. 62 (2010), no. 3, 520-542
Connections on modules over singularities of finite CM representation type (with T.S. Gustavsen), J.Pure Appl. Algebra 212 (2008), no. 7, 1561-1574
Connections on modules over quasi-homogeneous plane curves, Comm. Algebra 36 (2008), no. 8, 3032 - 3041
Differential operators on monomial curves, J. Algebra 264 (2003), no. 1, 186-198


I teach mathematics and statistics at the bachelor, master and doctoral level at BI Norwegian Business School. For the time being, I am teaching the following courses:

FORK 1003 Preparatory course MSc. Preparatory course for MSc students in Business/Finance
GRA 6035 Mathematics. Mathematics for MSc students in Business/Finance
DRE 7017 Mathematics PhD. Mathematics for PhD students in Economics/Finance

MET 1180 Matematikk for siviløkonomer. Mathematics for BSc students in Business
MET 1190 Statistikk. Statistics for BSc students in Business
EBA 2910 Mathematics for Business Analytics. Mathematics for BSc students in Business Analytics
ELE 3781 Mathematics elective. Mathematics elective for BSc students in Business Analytics