FORK 1003 Mathematics 2016/17

Lecture plan

Material from FORK1005 for Lecture 4-6

FORK1005 is a preparatory course for MSc students except MSc students in Business/Finance. Material from this preparatory course from earlier years (but not this year) contains is relevant for Lecture 4-6, and I therefore include it below. You may use this as a supplement to the lecture notes for Lecture 4-6 and its problems/solutions. Note that the material from FORK 1005 is intended for students that has done/will do less mathematics. The problems for FORK 1005 are therefore easier, and it might be a good idea to do them first if you find the problems for Lecture 4-6 difficult. Not all material from Lecture 4-6 is covered in FORK 1005, but I think most of it is.